With space at a premium in Hong Kong, hosting house parties can be a challenge. Fortunately, party room Mongkok https://losthk.com/party-room-mongkok/ offer a one-stop solution for groups to enjoy Instagrammable photo spots, karaoke facilities and video games without the messy clean up.

The sleek soaring edifice is an impressive addition to the bustling district, offering guests a comfortable stay with a host of free facilities and entertainment.


With space at a premium in Hong Kong, hosting house parties can be challenging. Fortunately, party rooms offer a one-stop solution with Instagrammable photo spots, karaoke facilities, video games, and snacks without the messy clean up!

These fun and interactive experiences are suitable for all ages, from kids’ birthdays to couples’ anniversary celebrations. You can even rent a themed room to host your next big event. If you are interested in learning more, check out the latest reviews, photos, and exclusive deals from top party rooms on HelloToby.

This spacious and state-of-the-art party room in Mong Kok features 4 private rooms that can be connected if needed. It is ideal for workshops, screenings, and private gatherings. You can also book a variety of free facilities and entertainment to make your party more memorable. The venue is pet-friendly and can accommodate up to 50 people. The staff is happy to assist you with any special requests or needs.


Whether you’re planning a wild birthday jamboree or simply enjoying a night with friends, you need the right venue. With space a premium in Hong Kong, party rooms are a one-stop solution, offering private spaces equipped with Instagrammable photo spots, karaoke facilities, and video games.

Pricing for a party room Mongkok can vary from one to another, depending on the theme and facilities available. Some offer entertainment like beer pong tables and a mini theatre, while others have more family-oriented activities such as board games, America pool, and Mahjong.

With HelloToby, you can find the perfect party room for your needs with just a few clicks. Browse reviews, photos, and exclusive deals from top providers. Book today to start planning your perfect party!

Food & Drinks

With thoughtful drinks (including new renditions of Honi Honi’s well-loved signature tipples) and delicious food from chef Russell Doctrove, Party Room Mongkok is a great choice for a night out with friends. The venue also has beer pong and video game equipment, as well as karaoke.

Party rooms have different decoration styles and are suitable for birthday parties, couple anniversary, friends gathering, corporate team building, proposal party and single party. Some also offer family-focused facilities such as ball pool and Wii and Switch development games.

Some Party Rooms even provide catering services. They can help you book food and prepare gifts, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of planning a dinner party. Moreover, some of them can provide overnight Party Room service so that you can have a fun sleepover with your friends. You can order take-out or bring in your own food to save on costs. Some Party Rooms also allow you to bring your own alcohol, which can be a huge savings compared to buying drinks in a bar.


Party rooms are a great place to hang out with friends and enjoy fun activities. They are usually located in busy areas with easy access to transportation and surrounded by restaurants and entertainment options. Some of them offer hourly rates, making them affordable for large groups. Some even have a movie theater, which is perfect for birthday parties or hen dos.

In addition to karaoke, party rooms also feature games like beer pong and video games. Some of them even offer catering services. However, these services will usually incur an additional charge. The price of a party room varies depending on the theme and the number of guests.

Some party rooms in Mongkok have a variety of entertainment, including karaoke, PS4, and VR. They can also host a range of events, including team building and business meetings. Some are pet-friendly and can accommodate up to 50 people.

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